Dentist Office

We are conveniently located in East Tamworth Medical Centre (The ETMC), equipped with the latest technological equipment.

We are highly qualified Australian-trained dentists providing quality dental care at a reasonable cost.

We provide a wide range of dental procedures from general dental care such as fillings and cleaning to complex dental rehabilitation such as implants and orthodontic treatments.

Give us a call or make a visit to our office and our friendly staff will help you with your dental needs.

Meet The Team

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Dr. Min Kim
Doctor of Dental Surgery
University of Melbourne

My name is Min Kim, the principal dentist at East Tamworth Dental Care. I am very grateful to be in my position to help patients with dental needs in the Tamworth area.


With a wide range of training and experiences, I am confident to provide high-quality dental procedures, including general dental care to complicated procedures such as surgical extractions, orthodontics, and implants. 


I have a special interest in digital dentistry. It excites me to see all those technological advancements happening in our field. Imagine brand new teeth are printed out from a 3D printer, then you walk out of the treatment room with a beautiful new smile.  This motivated me to start studying the prosthodontics course at King's College London, UK.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about your dental needs.

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Born and raised in Sydney, Sam has travelled across Australia in his dental career ranging from Far North Queensland, Cairns, down to Launceston, Tassie. Having completed his Bachelor in Dental Surgery, an opportunity arose which landed him closer to family in his home state of NSW.

Sam has a keen interest in oral surgery, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. He is currently pursuing his Post Graduate Diploma in Dental Implants (The Implant Institute). 

Outside of work, Sam is an avid bird lover – owning numerous cockatiels and conures. He also enjoys working on his car and participating in off-street racing.

Dr. Sam Lin
Bachelor Of Dental Surgery
James Cook University
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Danielle Straney​



Dental Assistant

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Sarah Brims

Dental Assistant

Easily book your next dental care visit at East Tamworth Dental Care Clinic online or contact our professional team about any of our dental services and treatments, including laughing gas services at your local dentist.